Silent install Intelligent Agent using additional_agent.rsp

While installing the new Oracle Intelligent Agent on windows , i’d like to skip the Oracle registration with MOS account.
In order to do this , i found myself struggling with setting the correct parameters in the additional_agent.rsp file located under (installation dir agent)/win32/response.

This is how i got it to skip the registration part;



Pay attention to the lower case false / true , this is different from the Documentation written above in the additional_agent.rsp. which specify’s Upper Case usage of this parameter values.

## Each variable is associated with a comment. The comment
## identifies the variable type.
## Please specify the values in the following format:
## Type Example
## String "Sample Value"
## Boolean True or False

Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB . Actual 6124 MB Passed
Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from C:DOCUME~1superLOCALS~1
Temp1OraInstall2010-08-24_11-33-25AM. Please wait ... Warning: Is the followin
g line present in c:TEMP11gwin32responseadditional_agent.rsp correct?

Warning: This line is not added to HashMap
Warning: Is the following line present in c:TEMP11gwin32responseadditional_
agent.rsp correct?

Warning: This line is not added to HashMap
*** Check for updates ***
*** Select Installation Type ***
*** Check Prerequisites ***
*** Specify Oracle Management Service Location ***
*** Customize Ports ***
*** Review ***