RDBMS Collection Metric Error in Oracle Enterprise Manager

After adding our legacy databases based on the version. We found our self troubled by “configuring” these databases to stay UP without receiving a Collection Metric Error.

The OMS would not report any problem in the tracing log, however , the agent on the database server would throw us this error in the emagent.trc;

vpxoci: vpxoci_CtxLogin: Breaking out of OCISessionGet/OCIPing

After applying the latest PSU on our OEM GC , no changes where seen in this behavior. To make this work we also updated our Intelligent Agent to and following metalink note 828464.1.
We either had to upgrade our database version to atleast, or add the following parameter to $AGENT_HOME/sysman/config/emd.properties.


We added the parameter to our property file and restarted the agent.
After this the problem was resolved.