Work Experience

May 2011 – June 2016

At Schuberg Philis everyone is responsible for ultimate customer satisfaction and a 100% attitude and commitment to the operation they engage in. During this time i worked for  Rabo Mobiel, van Lanschot, Actiam ( SNS / Vivat ) , Achmea Investment Management ( Syntrus Achmea ) and ASR Bank.

As Mission Critical Engineer i have designed , build and operated in complex infrastructures with 2 main drivers.
– Downtime is not an option
– Keep surprising the customer to get to an ultimately satisfied customer.

Overtime i have taken part in various small and big projects for which i have guided and technically supported tasks at hand.
To give you an impression :

  • Design , build and operate a Netapp Metro Cluster 7-Mode over Dual Datacenter L2 stretched for all VMWare and CloudStack Deployed Virtuele Machines and SQL / Oracle Databases for Achmea , Actiam and van Lanschot.
  • Migrate and rebuild hundreds of servers from Virtual \ Physical infrastructures to both Private \ shared Cloud infrastructures using Xen, KVM and VMware Hypervisors. All orchestrated using Vcenter or CloudStack while using CFEngine / Chef deployment technics.
    All has been done without  any additional downtime for the customers involved.
  • Design and Build a core Tertiary Storage environment based on Netapp Clustered OnTap for the Schuberg Philis Mission Critical Cloud, including on boarding a customer for the first 50Tb, L3 routed storage network to support Cloud networking principles.
  • Migrate, upgrade and patch various versions and sizes Oracle Database  ( > 35 Tb ) while having the least downtime during daily operations for ASR Bank , van Lanschot, Rabo Mobiel, Achmea and Actiam. During the migrations i have used methods like Dataguard , Traditional export \ import and Datapump , RMAN backup and restore technics aswell as transportable tablespaces. Choosing the right method depended on the situation and especially the allowed cut over times.
  • Setup a complete monitoring and compliancy framework for Windows, Linux , SQL Server Instances  and Oracle Databases. All this was created to support and comply to ISA3402 Type II. Based on CIS Templates ,  custom Nessus audit policy’s were created and scheduled to run automatically on targets.
    Output files from Nessus were uploaded to Seccubus and EddiBus( custom tool Developed ) and reported on. Next to this i was more then happy to defend the output to Auditors during regular check-ups.
  • Design , build , monitor and maintain business critical batch (work)flows using ActiveBatch. For both Achmea Investment Management and Actiam a custom setup has been made to integrate with there business processes and allow there business to run in a controlled maner.
  • Design and build Oracle Grid Infrastructures both single and clustered depending on the Oracle Database Instances used. ( Rac or Single instance )

While working on these projects , i took part in a self directed team were everyone is responsible for the complete end result. During this time , i have operated in the following roles within various teams ;  Technology Lead, Data Protection Lead, Project Lead and Team Lead.

While working at Schuberg Philis for above customers , the customers satisfaction grade was set to 9 or higher by all individual customers.

Products touched during this time

  • Oracle Database , MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Postgress
    • Oracle Dataguard
    • Oracle RMAN
    • Oracle ASM
    • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Weblogic
  • Netapp ( FAS xxxx ) OnTap , 7 -mode and c-mode.
  • Fortigate
  • Cisco network gear
  • Nagios
  • Cloudstrack
  • VMWare
  • Xen , KVM , ESX hypervisors
  • Netvault / Commvault
  • Simcorp Dimension 4.7 – 5.9
  • Piramide BGS (Beleggersgirosysteem)
  • more …

All this on various operating systems  Windows , Linux and Unix flavours.

May 2009 – May 2011

As a senior consultant i was send out to help customers design , build , maintain there IT landscapes.
During this periode i acted as a Infrastructure Specialist with a speciality on Oracle Middleware and Oracle Databases for customers like ; De Haagse Hogere School, DSB Bank , DAS  and NCCW. Next to this is was also assigned Service Manager and was able to setup a Remote Support Department that operated as a 1ste and 2nd line support service for various customers like ; TKP Pensioen , CHS , Pretium Telecom.

Next this i was also responsible for Office IT to work properly by supporting all consultants to internally host there development environments and be able to operate.

Products touched during this time

  • Oracle Database , MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Postgress, MonetDB
    • Oracle Dataguard
    • Oracle RMAN
    • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Application Server ( ESB, BPEL, WSM, Portal, Forms/Reports )
  • Oracle Enterprise Grid Controle
  • Oracle Identity Management,
  • Oracle Apex ,
  • Oracle Weblogic,
  • GlassFish,
  • Tomcat

All this on various operating systems  Windows , Linux and Unix flavours.

November 2004 – March 2009

At IT-eye i worked as a Remote Support Engineer and Senior Consultant Oracle/Java specialist (DBA, Middleware) for various customers like , TKP Pensioen , NCCW , Pretium Telecom , Oasen , Dusseldorf , Fundeon , DAS , Holland Casino, Heerema Marine Contractors , Dienst Wonen Amsterdam , PC Hooft Groep , NAK ( Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst) , Dockwise , Redwood and RIVM.

Next this i was also responsible for Office IT to work properly and secure.

Products touched during this time

  • Oracle Database ( 8i , 9i, 10g , 11g )
    • Oracle Dataguard
    • Oracle RAC
    • Oracle RMAN
  • Oracle Enterprise Grid Controle ( 10.x )
  • Oracle Applicatie Server ( 9.0.4 , 10.1.2 ,10.1.3 )
  • Oracle Identity Management ( 10.1.2 , 10.1.4 )
  • Oracle Portal ( 9.0.4 , 10.1.2 , 10.1.4)
  • Oracle Designer

All this on various operating systems  Windows , Linux and Unix flavours.


Februari 1996 – Juni 2004

At Stumpel i operated as a 1st and 2nd line support engineer for customers and internal IT related incidents.
While serving the private and business market for there Hardware needs by assembling , installing and service out systems  , i was in-between send out to keep individual branch offices running on Stumpels internally developed Oracle Forms application Kwinto.

Products touched during this time

  • Oracle Database ( 8i , 9i )
  • Oracle Applicatie Server ( 9.0.4 , 10.1.2 ,10.1.3 )
  • Oracle Forms

All this on various operating systems  Windows , Linux and Unix flavours.