Volunteer work

Stichting-AED Wieringen-Wieringermeer

During time you realise that life should not be taken up for granted and all should be done to prevent unnecessary spil of life and lower impact on families involved. For this Stichting AED was founded because first reporters were not able to meet the fast response times needed with hart failure. It is of crucial importance to act within 6 min after hart failure to make a full recovery possible. A group of enthusiastic volunteers has made the first response for hart failure possible to act within 6 mins across Wieringen-Wieringermeer by fundings and strategically placing of 44 AED’s which are available 24/7 for all people in need. They are not a replacement for the primary first responders  , but a great addition to help safe lives were possible.

A details map on available AED’s can be found there site

Next to my work i  support this initiative by executing IT services and performing general support task.