John Paul van Helvoort

John Paul is a highly respected and widely oriented IT Professional with over 10 years of relevant experience in complex IT Infrastructures.
Truly passionate with the Oracle Database and surrounding components. With his approach “downtime is not an option” , he always thinks before acting and owns incidents until a solution has been provided. There is a fine line between being a DevOps Oracle Database Engineer and acting responsibly on a Mission Critical Production environment. John Paul is able to respect this line and let environments benefit from both worlds.

My strengths are :

  • Teamplayer
  • Analytically Strong
  • Troubleshooting in general
  • Works in a structured way
  • Passionate Oracle Database Specialist
  • 100% attitude and commitment to solve and improve
  • Likes to coach and share knowledge

Your Oracle Database is the heart of your Mission Critical environment and of vital importance to stay healthy. With this in mind it is important to pro-actively act and mitigate problems before they could even occur. In a Mission Critical environment it is more important to think first instead of acting quickly. This requires accurate knowledge of your environment and above all share knowledges among peers to make the best possible choice at hand.

John Paul can be hired for :

  • Design / Build / Operate your Mission Critical environment
  • Improve and automate your Oracle Databases deployment processes.
  • Troubleshooting in general
  • Cloud integration
  • Health checks
  • Performance Tuning

Hiring an expert will help you save time and prevent unnecessary downtime for all parties involved.
Details on my work experience and products i have touched during the years can be found here or on my linkedIN profile.

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