How to MonetDB on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5

For those of you who are trying to install MonetDB on OEL 5.5 x86_64 , here is a little how to based on my experience.

First install a basic OS and configure the public yum repo from oracle
( see my previous post on this )

Now install some missing packages by executing the following yum install command :

yum -y install bzip2 bzip2-devel openssl.i686 openssl.x86_64 openssl-devel* zlib.i386 zlib.x86_64 zlib-devel libc* curl-devel.i386 libxslt* libXp libXtst glibc-devel strace java gcc

Create a MonetDB user ( as root ):

groupadd minstall
groupadd dba
useradd -m -g minstall -G dba monet

Download :

Install PCRE 8.10 ( as root )

./configure --enable-utf8
make install

Prepair MonetDB installation ( as root )

mkdir -p /u00/MonetDB

chown -R monet:minstall /u00

Install MonetDB ( as monet )

./ --enable-sql --prefix=/u00/MonetDB/