NomITy is John Paul van Helvoort , a true professional that believes that your Oracle Database is the heart of your Mission Critical environment and of vital importance to stay healthy. With this in mind it is of upmost importance to pro-actively think and act to mitigate problems before they could even occur. In order to act responsibly and effectively , John Paul truly believes in keeping environment knowledge levels accurate and above all keep sharing knowledge across peers. Automating can help in these processes , it is a way to prevent human failure and speed up proceses were sensible.


Over the years, John Paul has worked for many interesting customers and learned all aspects needed to become a Mission Critical DevOps Engineer. Specialised in the Oracle Database and all surrounding components, he is able to quickly adapt to any environment and its challenges. With an 100% attitude and commitment combined with a strong analytical skill and focus, he is capable to help you to integrate with the Cloud and automate your deployment process with respect to its Mission Critical nature.

As Certified Scrum Master( trained by Jeff Sutherland ) , John Paul likes to work within Scrum teams or be the Scrum Master himself to get the most out of any project and person.

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